AcroYoga Camp-Out

What to Bring

You are responsible for your own camping gear and eating utensils.


This event is Carry-In and Carry-Out.   My goal is to produce as little trash as possible and you can make that happen.  Please help us minimize waste.


Packing List:

Camping Gear: Tent, ground tarp, Flashlight or headlamp, sleeping bag, sleeping pads, pillow, towels, earplugs.  Be sure to bring warm layers and rain gear just in case.

Eating Utensils:  Bring you own plate, bowl, mug, utensils, and water bottle.  You will be responsible for washing during the event.

Other Items: Warm layers for evening, Yoga mat, Picnic Blanket, Costumes, Thai Massage mats, Musical Instruments, Towels & Bathing suit, Extra snacks you can’t be without / Chocolate 


A desire to train and play a lot!

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