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2023 Workshops

The exact schedule will come out in June.

What do you mean, you haven’t done Acro in a while?!

Well neither have a bunch of your friends! Let’s get together and have a ton of fun remembering how to play well together! Session will include solo and partner yoga, warm-ups, tightness drills, partner inversion practice, counterbalances, L-base basics, AcroFit style strength training, and more.

Beginner.   All levels welcome

More than just an entrance from two high – learn some new transitions into and out of hand to hand. Come for refinement, drills, thrills + more.
Level: Advanced
Prerequisites: comfortable walking forward/backwards in two high, comfortable without spotter in standing h2h (10 sec without base taking a step) (we will have spotters for this class)
Play and connect through foundational acro principles. Meet and build trust with fellow Acro Campers with authentic relating games. 
Chris Taylor “Maui Chris” is a YogaSlackers and Acro Rev teacher. He blends playfulness, inclusive energy and a strong focus on core principles to encourage communication, trust, playfulness and connection. 
Note:  This class is from 3pm to 4pm on Friday and does not interfere with other workshops.

Level: Intermediate

Description: Learn a variety of standing acro poses that are impressive, fun, and photogenic. You’ll combine strength, timing, and trust into effortless entrances and exits for skills like high bird, high side star and more. Use these skills and your pointed toes to take your next photoshoot to a higher level.

Prereqs: none

Learn how to make washing machines really flow smoothly with beautiful movements. This will be a long symmetrical machine that we will refine and perfect. 


Pre reqs basic machines like Big Le Moi and Ninja Star, stable Side Star

Join Matt and Ash in a washing machine that feels more like astronaut ice cream than yellow snow. We’ll add momentum and flare to surprise and delight all of the judges. There will be modifications up and down to satisfy every partnership.

For many years Jason and Chelsey have been perfecting the art of dual balance. Through this very physical and mental practice, they have been able to overcome some challenging obstacles both in relationship and life.  Come learn some of their favorite slacker transitions and the lessons that have come from them! This will be sure to challenge and inspire your practice in more ways than one, come with an open mind!  

Pre-reqs:  Intermediate level

This L-basing workshop will help you open up the exciting and rewarding world of Hand to Hand.  By training foundational elements and understanding how they apply in more complex poses we will help you demystify this elegant pose.

Pre-Req’s:  Base or fly Star, Foot to hand and shoulder-stand.

Treat yo’self!  Enjoy a session of AcroYoga Therapeutics to decompress and destress. We’ll start with principles and techniques, and leave lots of room for longer aerial massage sessions for each participant.

All levels

Dance Lifts – Flowy Flippy 

Level: Intermediate

In this class, you will learn flowing and flippy dance lifts with ease and grace.  The class is designed for acrobats who want to enhance their skills in lifting and being lifted.  The class will also cover proper technique, timing, and calibration between partners.

Prereqs: none

This is an intermediate/advanced standing class.

Pre reqs: 10 second standing foot to hand, some experience with reverse foot to hand helpful

Level down option: base seated or kneeling instead of standing

Level up option: add a catwalk, creative entrance or dynamic exit

This is an intermediate L-basing class.

More info soon. 

Grab more of your friends for this workshop. We will do washing machines but with more bases and more flyers! In this class we will put together some 2 base 1 flyer machines and even some 2 base, 2 flyers machines! And for the hardest it will be 1 base and 2 flyers! This class is sure to have you falling down and laughing with your friends! 

Pre reqs:  side star, f2h, basic machines, basic pops

Experiment with standing acro in groups of 3+. We’ll experience a fun sampling of banquine, group poses, swings, and more.
Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Necessary movement skills will be taught, prepare to get comfortable (physically and mentally) with lifting others or being lifted.

We’ll be playing with a number of challenging but elegant H2H transitions to build a fun and dynamic flow. Pre-reqs: 5 sec L-base low and extended H2H and RH2H are ideal, but we’ll also offer progressions

Warm up your body so you stay strong, limber, and injury free.  A full body warm up with a focus on handstands, so extra attention to wrists, shoulders, core, and hip flexibility. Your body will thank you! 
(This class is offered each morning from 9:30 to 10:15)

Learn to pop from camel up to handstand on shoulders

Level down option: post up from a friend

Level up options: base is hands free


This class is all about Cartwheel popping! I’ve discovered a number of places this Cartwheel pop can go. We will begin with the easiest ones and get to harder ones like Throne and Bed. You should be familiar with straight throws in Bird, Throne, and Bed.

Pre-reqs: Cartwheel Tic Tic, Bird Pops, Throne Pops, Bed Pops

Learn the fundamental elements of Icarian Games! Bases will learn how to create power and precision in launches, gentle catches, and how to train progressively to sequence skills in tempo. Flyers will learn precise movements and timing to make the most of a base’s launch. Spotters will learn how to build quick reflexes and a variety of spotting techniques that will create safety and gradually give space to the base and flyer.

Prerequisite skills: Bases: Chair pop to RF2H, hold 15 seconds. Flyers: 30 second handstand with a spotter, cartwheel on ground.

Refining technique in free balances and mono free balances, we’ll be progressing towards hands-free transitions, including Free Corkscrew. Pre-reqs: Solid Corkscrew w/ hands. Some experience with Free Star and Mono Reverse Star

Join us as we co-create a short and sweet group performance blending physical theater and partner movement. 

We will share it at the talent show on Saturday night.

All levels are welcome to join this workshop.

This is an intermediate/advanced standing class.

Pre-reqs: experience with toe pitching, 10 second standing bird


Always wanted to try flying but couldn’t find someone big enough to base you?  Want to get some basing experience but not sure how?  Same size acro is an awesome way to switch roles, learn precision in your moves and have a ton of fun being creative! 

Kaely and Katelyn have been working together as a same size duo for many years and love the opportunity same size partnership provides to think of new ways of doing things, build confidence, refine technique and surprise yourself and a crowd! 

No partner required

Skills needed:

-base or fly bird

-base or fly throne

-base or fly star

-excellent spotting skills

-willingness to try basing and flying

-accurate self assessment 

Take your acro practice on the line.  Jason and Chelsey will introduce you to the world of slacklining in this fun and uplifting class. More info soon.

Note:  This class is from 3pm to 4pm on Friday and does not interfere with other workshops.

Intermediate level class

In this two hour workshop, we will explore the watery side of AcroYoga by softening our touch & surrendering.  We begin with an opening circle to ground ourselves and connect with one another.  A gentle warm-up game will invite listening, trust, and connection.  

Afterwards, we will learn to give and receive Thai Yoga Massage in a seated position.  For the remainder of the session, we’ll explore basic forward flying therapeutics and end the workshop in a closing circle.

This workshop will help you enhance your awareness & sensitivity by using gravity, healing touch and patience.  This is an all-levels class and no prior experience or partner is necessary.

Let’s get creative! Transition from ground to base to standing. Innovate & refine some new transitions for your acro practice and performances.
Prerequisites: Cartwheel & tick tocks (L-base)
Learn to base, fly, and spot a Varial Flip!  A Varial is a spinning skill in which a flyer completes a full twist as the base spins the 180º.  Bases will learn how to spin, how to assist the flyer’s twist, and how to spot for safety. Flyers will practice tension in dynamic twisting movements and learn how to read a base’s pop for optimal timing.  Spotters will learn how to work in synchronized pairs to spot this dynamic skill!

Come learn the basics of standing acrobatics. Get comfortable lifting humans and/or being balanced in the air, and work toward comfort in two high, as well as safe and fun exits plus a little standing acro flow.

Prereqs: none

This is an intermediate level class.

More info soon.

Daily Time Table

(* see below for Early Arrival schedule)


  • 4 pm Gates open
  • 7PM Dinner
  • 8PM Opening Circle

*If you join a Thursday Intensive you can arrive beginning at 1:30 pm.  The intensive is from 3:30 to 6:30 pm.


  • 7   Yoga
  • 8:30  Breakfast 
  • 9:30 to 10:15 Handstands & Conditioning
  • 10:30 to 12:30  Workshop
  • 1:00 pm Lunch
  • 3 to 4 pm: Slackline clinic & “Connecting Games”
  • 4:30 to 6:30 Workshop
  • 7 pm Dinner
  • 8:00 Guided Thai massage trade
  • 9:30 DJ Dance Party


  • 7   Yoga
  • 8:30  Breakfast 
  • 9:30 – 10:15  Handstands & Conditioning
  • 10:30 – 12:30 Workshop
  • 1:00 Lunch
  • 3 to 4 pm: Slackline clinic & Twerkshop
  • 4:30 to 6:30 Workshop
  • 7 pm Dinner
  • 9 pm  Show


  • 7  Yoga
  • 8:30  Breakfast
  • 9:30 to 10:15 Handstands & Conditioning
  • 10:30 to 12:30 Workshop
  • 12:45  Closing Ceremony
  • 1:00 Lunch
  • Depart by 5PM

8:30 AM Breakfast

1:00 PM Lunch

7:00 PM Dinner

If you come late to meals we can’t guarantee what will be left.  Please arrive within 30 minutes of the start time.

Early Arrival Schedule


  • 4PM:  Arrival begins
  • Afternoon is free for jamming and relaxing
  • 7 pm Dinner


  • 8:30 am  Breakfast 
  • 9:30 Handstands & Conditioning
  • 10:30 to 12:30 pm  Workshop
  • 1:00 pm Lunch
  • 4:30 – 6:30 Workshop
  • 7 pm Dinner


  • 7 am Yoga
  • 8:30 am Breakfast
  • 9:30 Handstands & Conditioning
  • 10:30 to 12:30 Workshop
  • 1:00 pm Lunch
  • 3:30 to 6:30 Thursday Intensive
  • 4 pm Gates open for general admission tickets.

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