The following teachers will be offering workshops at the August event:


Raquel Hernandez-Cruz (Nomad)

Raquel’s passion for life is second to none. Her teaching style is the perfect balance between playfulness and dedicated practice, and her energy will ignite in you the same craving for spontaneous adventure that set Raquel on her path.  

Raquel will patiently and enthusiastically guide you to the edge of your perceived limits and beyond, creating an encouraging environment where learning and growing result through playful discovery.

Sam Salwei (Nomad)

Sam Salwei decided over a decade ago that the status quo simply was not for him. In 2004 he packed up what little material possessions he owned and began living on the road, traveling coast-to-coast in pursuit of a life that uniquely expressed his values for adventure and environmental responsibility.

He co-created “The YogaSlackers,” a company founded on bringing yoga poses to the slackline, and finding the yogic elements within other body-awareness practices, such as acrobatics and climbing.

Mateo Daniel (L.A.)

Part Viking, part Lion (with a bit of Gorilla and a lot of heart), Mateo is a tumble-monkey mad scientist of joy, connection & (super)human potential. 

Armed with over a dozen certifications and known internationally for his fun, easily accessible approach to acrobatics and meditative movement, Mateo aims, in all endeavors, to help you awaken your creativity and activate the gifts that you carry within.

Amy Bell (Los Angeles, CA)

Amy has been passionate about learning and sharing the art of acro for 5+ years and believes that the benefits run so much deeper than just learning a physical skill. As a teacher, she’s served up humor and inspiration at Wanderlust, Divine Play, Burning Man, and international workshops. Her ongoing goal is to facilitate a fun, light-hearted, and safe environment where students can connect, make discoveries, build strong bonds, and grow, both acrobatically and personally.

Orville Zharoff (Seattle, WA)

Orville grew up up on Kodiak Island, and worked in commercial fishing in Bristol Bay; the only thing that comes close to being as challenging to the Alaskan fishing life has been circus arts. Through years of practice Orville has achieved skills in tumbling, juggling, and partner movements. Polishing those skills and teaching circus arts have been a fun way of applying his nearly limitless energy. Orville’s experiences include cheerleading, Dance Drill Teams, performing and choreographing with Swing Dance and Ballroom Dance troupes, and teaching partner dances and partner movements for over 14 years. His current passion is practicing and teaching Acro. 

Camellia Nieh (Lookout Arts Quarry)

Camellia is a multimedia artist and teacher. Her movement language is informed by a variety of modalities, from partner acrobatics and yoga to contemporary dance. She is passionate about empowering students to drop into their bodies and creativity, transcending linear narratives and facilitating the exploration of healing, expression, communication, growth, trust, touch, and play. She teaches and performs internationally, with a home base at the Lookout Arts Quarry, a cooperative art center dedicated to fostering art, culture, and sustainability.

James Ta Dao (Portland, OR)

James “Ta-Dao!” Sitzer is a stalwart of the Portland AcroYoga Community. As the originator of Portland’s AcroLab he’s created dozens of acro machines and poses for Acropedia. He’s performed and taught at Whistler Wanderlust, Michael Franti’s Soulshine Tour, the AcroYoga Unity and Divine Play Festivals, and previous NW AcroYoga Campouts.

Cedar Lyn (Vancouver, B.C)

Cedar Lyn RYT 200, YogaSlacker and VanCity Acro Teacher

Cedar Lyn is a passionate proponent of human potential. She seeks to activate the curiosity in each of us through play, awaken creativity through exploring the possibilities of movement and to deepen our connection to self and each other in each of her classes and workshops. Cedar has been teaching Yoga and Acro Yoga for over 8 years in workshops and classes through the Rocky Mountains.

Cedar is also the co-founder of the Acro Yoga Unity Festival.
Aug 30- Sept 3, 2018

Valtteri Rantala (Vancouver, B.C.)

Valtteri is a passionate mover with a background in kitesurfing, freeskiing and stand up paddling.  Since 2013 Valtteri has been diving deep into the world of partner acrobatics, AcroYoga and Thai massage. Traveling has allowed him to learn from many different teachers and styles. He enjoys the constant process of learning and sharing his knowledge.

As a teacher, Valtteri likes to create a space where the journey is equally as important as the new skill.  He likes to challenge people through movement, creativity, and have fun while doing it.  He is originally from Finland but spends many months a year abroad learning and teaching.

Mellissa Greenwood (Vancouver, B.C.)

Millissa is as excited to learn as she is to teach.   Her classes integrate AcroYoga training from Montreal, California, and beyond to form her own personal style of exploring creative expression through refinement of technique.   Take the leap! You never know what you might discover.

The following teachers are also joining the event.  Bio and photos coming soon.


Orville Zharoff (Seattle)