Check out this amazing line-up of teachers!    

Lux (Seattle, WA)
Lux is famous in the acro world for redefining the way practitioners think about acro. In teaching, Lux focuses on the direction of your acro practice, allowing you to find your acro-potential in an incredibly safe and fulfilling manner. Lux understands that acro is a communication practice with movement benefits, transforming the way students navigate their practice.
James Ta-Dao (PDX)
James “Ta-Dao!” Sitzer has been a stalwart of the Portland AcroYoga Community since 2011. He is the founder of Portland’s AcroLab, and co-creator of the Stronger & Stranger Things series. James enjoys the PNW tradition of strong-flier, solid-base style, and continues to push the limits of advanced L-base Acro.
James has attended every AcroYoga Camp-Out since 2013 and hosted the Saturday night talent show from the beginning.
Kelli Mae and Sam (Olympia, WA)
Kelli Mae Willis and her husband Sam Schaefer-Joel have been co-teaching AcroYoga since 2009. Their heart-centered and artistic teaching style empowers students to discover their inner wisdom and joy.  
They accomplish this by integrating movement, music, games, improvisation, mindfulness and storytelling, yoga, partner acrobatics and massage.
Family Acro (Olympia, WA)
Kelli Mae and Sam particularly enjoy working with families and children too! Creating fun learning environments for all ages is their specialty.
As a certified Waldorf teacher, Kelli Mae has years of experience working with kids. She is also certified to provide Continuing Education hours for teachers in Yoga Alliance network, and teaches mindfulness and meditation to children and adults.
Hobs & Kena (Portland, OR)
Hobs loves training and teaching Acro and his passion is delightfully infectious and irresistible.
He is one of the lead teachers for Acro Revolution Teacher Trainings and also travels to teach workshops and retreats internationally.
Hobs is a charismatic and compassionate teacher with a clear voice, and a giving and caring approach with students.
Kena is a female Icarus. She is an Acro Revolution certified teacher and always wants to fly high and free.


Kena is thrilled to share her love of Icarian Games with the Acro world!
Together their commitment and dedication to the practice is without question.
The combination of their excellent technical skills, intelligent progressions and clear demonstrations will inspire you to take your practice higher.
Cedar Lyn (Vancouver, B.C.)
Cedar Lyn is a passionate proponent of human potential. She is a Life coach, Astrologer, YogaSlacker, Yoga instructor, VanCity Acro teacher and social activist. She seeks to activate the curiosity in each of us through play, by exploring creativity in movement, and deepen our connection to Self and each other.
Cedar has been teaching Yoga and Acro Yoga for 8+ years in workshops, classes and festivals. Cedar is also the co-founder of the Acro Yoga Unity Festival, a 4 day Canadian Acro Yoga campout.
IG: @acro.seeds , @cedar_rising_ @ayunityfest
Miles Kroeker (British Columbia)
Miles Kroeker has dedicated his life to exploring the many facets of human creativity.  These include acrobatics, music, drawing, dance, circus, culinary arts and more.  His classes encourage students to unlock their hidden potential and share their individual talents with the world.  The unique perspective and gifts each person offers when they find the freedom to truly express themselves is beautiful.
Click HERE for website.
Camellia Nieh
Camellia Nieh is a globetrotting multidisciplinary artist with an emphasis on contact improvisation, AcroYoga, yoga, and fusion dance. She has trained with Quebec Circus School, The Circus Project, Adama Dance Company, Acro Revolution TT, VanCity Acro TT, AcroFit TT, and has taught and performed at immersions and festivals worldwide. She teaches, creates and volunteers at the Chalananda retreat center in Mexico, the Lookout Arts Quarry in the US, and AcroYoga Japan.
Adam Hiner (Los Angeles)
Adam has always had a love for movement. When he discovered AcroYoga, the elements of communication, trust, and community building hooked him instantly.
In 2014, he began training under the expertise of Jean-Luc Martin who owns the San Diego Circus Center. In 2015, Adam was certified by Acro Revolution and there was no looking back. He now teaches workshops and classes with a focus on intermediate to advanced skills. He is also a co-organizer of the AcroLove festivals.
Jacob Handwerker (PDX)
Jacob has been sharing his passion for AcroYoga and Acrobatics with people since 2007. His teaching will leave you feeling confident and safe, while exploring new ways of moving. Jacob enjoys working with students at all levels to help help them experience things they never imagined possible. 
Jacob also teaches Ashtanga yoga and loves to bring a more yogic and mindful approach to acrobatics.    
Aaron Lind (CA)
Aaron Lind has offered uplifting, educational, and empowering acro experiences consistently for over 12 years. Aaron’s teaching philosophy is that through progressive training and attention to detail at a fundamental level, challenging skills become accessible, aesthetic, efficient, safer, and more fun!
Aaron’s mission in structuring events is to offer a balance of discipline and play. He strives to teach progressive, analytical, and method-based teaching with playful, fun, and lighthearted activities and themes.
Sam Salwei (Nomadic)
Raquel Hernandez-Cruz (Nomadic)
Eric Blood (San Fran)
Miyoko Rifkin (LA)