AcroYoga Camp-Out

2024 Thursday Intensives

3:30 pm to 6:30 pm (Optional $40 Add-on)

Come join us in our on-going quest to find the winding paths connecting H2H to the rest of our L-base acro practice. We’ll equip ourselves with some of our favorite drills for building strong foundations and dynamic range, and then venture into the wilds of transitions to and through H2H and RH2H. Our focus will be more on the playful exploration of where hand holding can take us than on any one peak skill. Refinements and challenges will be available for all levels of H2H explorers.

Prerequisites: 3 second L-base H2H and/or RH2H. A controlled lower from extended F2H to low F2H. An adventurous spirit and enthusiasm for side quests.

This intensive is a deep dive into the captivating world of dance lifts; the most accessible type of dynamic standing Acro.  With practice and application of the techniques presented you will unlock performing these lifts with grace and ease.  

Dance lifts are versatile skills that have the power to elevate performances and infuse them with an added layer of excitement. They are also a playful medium through which friends can explore movement together. 

We will guide you through the execution of each lift and also an imaginative exploration of linking them together, crafting awe-inspiring sequences. This is an intermediate intensive so some prior Acro experience is recommended. 

Progressions and modifications will be offered so you can push your edge or play within your comfort zone, choose your own adventure!  You are welcome to join with or without a partner for this celebration of creativity, collaboration, and graceful movement!



Learn how to make your foot to foot pops feel like foot snuggles not struggles! We will train how to practice safe exits and a variety of different ways to pop in and out of foot to foot. Our goal will be to make you have fun, practice safely and fall in love with foot catching!! 

Pre-reqs: Straight pops in icarian throne, icarian throne to bird. Five squats in foot to foot for flyers. Three presses in foot to foot for bases. Healthy legs for bases and flyers!

Dive into the dynamic world of Slackro in this intensive workshop.

Slackro, a unique fusion of AcroYoga and slacklining, challenges practitioners to emulate the intricate balance and movements of slacklining, but with a twist—your partner becomes your line. This beginner/intermediate workshop focuses on the foundational elements of Slackro, emphasizing the art of balance, precise communication, and the beauty of co-creation. Participants will learn to harmonize their movements and support each other, mirroring the mutual balance found in slacklining.

This workshop is ideal for those who have a basic understanding of AcroYoga and are ready to step up their practice. Expect a journey filled with playful exploration, refinement of skills, and a deepened sense of connection with your partner. Come join Tom and Kristie for an unforgettable experience where fun and learning go hand in hand!

Slackline experience is not required.

Enjoy the softest landing into our event with this deep dive into connection, communication, receiving and giving. We’ll enjoy solo and partner warm-ups, spend ample time swapping Thai massage for the whole body, and finish with a spacious partner savasana.The best part? You’ll have a set of new best friends by the end of our time together! 

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