AcroYoga Camp-Out

2023 Thursday Intensives

3:30 pm to 6:30 pm (Optional $40 Add-on)

Start your festival experience with a relaxing and rejuvenating session of partner yoga and Thai massage. Explore movement, play, and connection with your new best friends in a safe and supportive environment. Learn key Thai moves to thank your bases with leg love all weekend. All levels welcome.

This workshop focuses on key elements of Acrobatics to help beginners find confidence in the practice. We will break the ice and get comfortable with fun partner exercises as we embody foundational skills including: finding your center of gravity, power lines, bone-stacking and efficient use of strength to name a few.  This is a special opportunity for students at all levels to study the fundamentals with one of the best Acro teachers out there.

Training acrobatics will also help us improve our communication skills. Multiplevariations will definitely be available to challenge more seasoned practitioners.

Join us for a fun afternoon exploring different styles of Acro movement!

All levels welcome.

Hand-to-hand is undoubtedly one of the classic “tourist” destinations in the AcroWorld. But we’ve never been too interested in just ticking landmarks off some “must-see” list. We think of hand-to-hand as and entire landscape to explore throughintelligent progressions that approach partner hand-balancing from a wide variety ofangles.

Crystal and Reno have been perfecting the art of teaching hand to hand for manyyears. If you like intelligent progressions and focused training techniques completewith warm ups and cool downs that will take your hand to hand practice to the nextlevel, then this class is for you. In this workshop, through smart and formulaicprogressions, we will progress from a low hand to hand to a standing hand to hand.

No matter where your hand balancing practice is, Crystal and Reno can take it to the next level AND leave you with a training program that you can build on for a longtime.

Learn Icarian skills that share a theme of front rotation. Base, flyer, and spotters will learn a progression of skills leading up to Castaway and Cascade.

Pre-reqs: Reverse star, throne to bird Icarian, flyers 1 minute handstand free or with a light spot

Dance lifts can create truly magical and breathtaking moments on stage, and with dedication, practice, and a supportive learning environment, you can master this unique art form. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the successes, and enjoy the journey of learning and growing with each lift.

Teachers Debbie and Matt, will share tips for creating compelling choreography and performance oriented flows. Matty loves stringing beautiful skills together to make incredible, visually stunning flows. Plus, we will give you a sequence to put on stage!

All humans are welcome and encouraged, modifications will be provided for everyone. Partner is recommended but not mandatory, come with a friend, or make a new one.

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