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2023 Camp-Out Teachers

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Aaron Lind
Debbie Collis
Matty Moffatty
Kelli Mae & Sam
Jenae Poe
Cody Tudor
Ash Peltz
James Ta Dao
Shelly Zeiser
Katelyn Bessette
Kaely Summers
Orville Zharoff
Adi Firefly
Jessica Nicole
Tavis Dowling
Reno Gorman
Crystal Nardico
Sam Courts
Luka Ruzic
"Maui Chris" Taylor
Loc Le
Jacob Handwerker

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Aaron Lind has offered uplifting, educational, and empowering acro experiences consistently for over 15 years.  Aaron’s teaching philosophy is that through progressive training and attention to detail at a fundamental level, challenging skills become accessible, aesthetic, efficient, safer, and more fun!

Aaron’s mission in structuring events is to offer a balance of discipline and play. He strives to teach progressive, analytical, and method-based teaching with playful, fun, and lighthearted activities and themes.

Bio coming soon.

Crystal Nardico is a certified AcroYoga Instructor and Thai Massage body worker initially from L.A. and now in Denver, CO. She started learning AcroYoga over 7 years ago and fell in love with the practice because of its ability to lift people up spiritually and physically. 

She later discovered Thai Massage, and found it to be the perfect balance to Acro. Now she shares these practices with climbers/students all over the world through festivals, group classes and private lessons. She loves cultivating communities and being a positive light wherever she goes. 

She has been featured in Outdoor Magazine, Yoga Journal and has even been in the AcroYoga documentary, AcroSpot. You can find more about Crystal at or follow her journey on Instagram @acroroots.


Bio coming soon.


Bio coming soon.

Jenae is an AcroLove certified teacher and creator who believes that acro is a powerful way to build community. With over six years of acro experience across all genres, Jenae seeks to help students gain confidence by applying foundational acro skills and progressions to their dynamic and standing practices. She is a fan of unique flows and sequences and wants to help students approach their practice with creativity. 

Cody bio coming soon…

Tavis (he/him) and Jess (she/her) have been practicing acro for over seven years and fell in love with standing acro early in their journey. 

They’ve had the privilege of learning from acro and movement teachers from many different disciplines. They have a calm, clear, and organized teaching style and love teaching fun, technical, and flowy skills by breaking them down into accessible steps. Their classes focus on safe progressions, high-quality spotting, supportive coaching, and making big skills feel achievable.

James “Ta-Dao!” Sitzer has been a stalwart of the Portland AcroYoga Community since 2011. He is the founder of Portland’s AcroLab, and co-creator of the Stronger & Stranger Things series. James enjoys the PNW tradition of strong-flier, solid-base style, and continues to push the limits of advanced L-base Acro.

James has attended every AcroYoga Camp-Out since 2013 and hosted the Saturday night talent show from the beginning.

Bio coming soon.

Kaely and Katelyn have been working together as a same size duo for many years and love the opportunity same size partnership provides to think of new ways of doing things, build confidence, refine technique and surprise yourself and a crowd! 

Loc has over a decade of teaching experience from Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, & AcroYoga.  He started his Acro journey in 2017 when he discovered the practice through Yoga Teacher Training.  His favorite part of the practice is the relationship dynamics between partnerships and the communities.  

Loc is a Level 2 Licensed Foundations Course teacher with AcroYoga International and began teaching in 2018.  He is based out of Seattle teaching primarily Beginners AcroYoga, Therapeutics, & Standing Acrobatics.  

He hosts acro & yoga retreats in the PNW a few times a year and teaches private lessons.

Luka has been hooked since he first tried it in 2015. He enjoys constantly refining skills, occasionally reaching for the next ones, always finding new ranges of motion to work on, and, most of all, taking a long time to warm up and calibrate. Currently based in Seattle, Luka enjoys supporting fellow travelers on the road to solid basing and particularly delights in discovering effective progressions and cues.

Bio coming soon…

AcroMash, the dynamic duo from Portland OR, have been teaching together since 2019.  Matt & Ash’s classes are full of games, laughs, and nerdiness. Specializing in Icarian, whip-pops, and creative washing machines, they love to make acro approachable. When not performing with Tempos Contemporary Circus, they can be found enjoying the Pacific Northwest, cooking big meals for family + friends, or relaxing with a good puzzle.

Matt first witnessed acroyoga at Burning Man. After being astounded by the beauty of the art form, he was immediately hooked. Since then, he’s pursued it as his primary passion, and practiced and trained all over the world. He loves sharing his passion for acro and dance lifts with those around him. He specializes in dance lifts and standing acrobatics, but loves it all.

Reno Gorman has been practicing acro since 2011, and teaching since 2014 after attending the first Acro Revolution (Acro Love) Teacher Training. He bases and flies a mix of L-base and standing acro styles, and handstands on just about anything/anyone. He often teaches and trains with Sariah Papaya as The Handstand Nation, Cody Tudor of Renegade Circus, and performs with Aries Moon Circus. Reno is also a fire dancer, drummer, handpan player, yoga instructor, massage therapist, podcaster (6 Degrees of Rumination) and educator.

Based in Sacramento CA.

Sam is a Seattle based acrobat and teacher with a love for finding new challenges in the practice and nerding out about the details. She started acro in 2014 and now teaches and practices across a broad range of acro styles as both a base and flyer. She has a particular fondness for free balances, puzzley transitions, and strong-flyer skills. Sam attended her first NW AcroYoga Camp-out in 2015 and is very excited to be participating in this wonderful event for the sixth time this summer.

Shelly Zeiser (she/her) has been practicing acro since 2016 and taught at festivals in the U.S. and abroad. She loves all aspects of acro including l-base, whips, pops, dance lifts and standing skills. She focuses on co-creating fun environments highlighting safe spotting with intentional scaffolding in her teaching practices. 


More action shots of the teachers....

Jason & Chelsey
Jenae & Cody
Jess & Tavis
Matt & Ash
Reno Gorman
Chelsey Magness
Debbie & Matt
James & Shelly
"Connection games" with Maui Chris
Kaely & Katelyn

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