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2024 Camp-Out Teachers

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Kelli Mae & Sam
Ash Peltz & Matt Radford
Jason & Chelsey Magness (only during the pre-event)
James Ta Dao
Kena Noel
Hobs Hobotus
Jacob Brown & Alexandra Mohr
Devin & Courtney
Deven & Dan
Sam Courts
Luka Ruzic
Cedar Lyn
Danny Oleksiuk
Jenae Poe
John Thorpe
Loc Le
Jacob Handwerker
Debbie Collis
Camellia Nieh

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Cedar has immersed herself in the world of Acro since 2012, dedicating her time to both training and teaching. As the co-founder of Unity Festival, a vibrant four-day Acro camp nestled in the heart of British Columbia’s interior, she has played an integral role in fostering community and skill. 

She is also recognized as a YogaSlacker and VanCity Acro teacher. Beyond her passion for movement arts, Cedar is a thriving entrepreneur, realizing her dream through the management of a successful dog walking business in Vancouver, BC.

Camellia is a multimedia artist, performer, and movement teacher, with a passion for acrobatics, dance, theater, music, and visual art. She is a certified instructor with AcroRevolution, Vancity Acro and AcroFit, has trained at the Quebec Ecole du Cirque winter intensive, the Circus Project training company, and the Adama Dance School, in addition to many festivals and intensives in acrobatics and dance worldwide. She has supported movement communities and trainings in the US, Canada, Israel, Europe, Mexico, and Japan.

A VanCity Acro certified teacher, Danny Oleksiuk discovered acro in 2016. He loves helping people do things that they didn’t think that they could do, finding that tip or cue or word of encouragement that unlocks a new skill. He loves dance lifts and creative flows, figuring things out, making it up as you go along, and finding safety, stability, and height after lots of practice and communication.

Mostly a base, Danny will often fly if you let him.

Debbie started taking gymnastics as a child and this early training has helped her develop the strength, balance, and poise to make partner acrobatics beautiful.    She discovered the Acro world in 2012 and became a certified Acro Revolution teacher in 2017

Debbie loves the connection and flow that is possible with an Acro partner.  She forgets about the whole world when flowing in complex acrobatic movements.   She also loves practicing moves over and over until perfection. 

Students say that Debbie has a talent for teaching, a good eye for form and is sweet all around.  Debbie hosts workshops globally, teaches at many festivals and assists Acro Revolution teacher trainings.

More info coming soon….

Devin and Courtney are a dynamic duo based out of Asheville, NC. Dedicated to encouraging smart, progressive training within partner acrobatics, they are passionate about leveling students up by sharing their years of teaching and training experience.

Hobs is one of the most playful and friendly Acro monkeys you will ever meet! His love for all things Acro is delightfully infectious and irresistible. His commitment and dedication to the practice is obvious in his excellent technical skills, intelligent progressions and clear demonstrations.

Jacob Brown and Alexandra Mohr (Double Rainbow Acro) are acro addicts from the USA.  They love to share the joy of acro by teaching at festivals, retreats and workshops all over the world. They do every kind of acro but specialize in challenging L-base such as washing machines, pops, whips, whip pops, and Icarian.  They are passionate about contributing to the growth of acro communities worldwide by sharing videos of skills they learn from others and they especially love to co-create new flows and sequences that are beautiful, fun and challenging. Jacob and Alex see acro as a way of life and love to play and share their passion for the art everywhere they go!

Bio coming soon.

Chelsey and Jason have over 30 years of combined training under their belt.  These two world class adventure athletes, acrobats, coaches and meta learners take training and teaching very seriously.

They love to teach progressively, gently coax people outside of their comfort zones and way beyond their perceived potential.  Together the two are a force to be reckoned with.  Jason will talk you off the ledge and Chelsey will catch you with open and excited arms.

James “Ta-Dao!” Sitzer has been a stalwart of the Portland AcroYoga Community since 2011. He is the founder of Portland’s AcroLab, and co-creator of the Stronger & Stranger Things series. James enjoys the PNW tradition of strong-flier, solid-base style, and continues to push the limits of advanced L-base Acro.

James has attended every AcroYoga Camp-Out since 2013 and hosted the Saturday night talent show from the beginning.

Jenae is an AcroLove certified teacher and creator who believes that acro is a powerful way to build community. Jenae empowers students to build a sustainable, long term practice through effective communication, strong fundamentals and pattern recognition. 

Jenae enjoys all genres of acro but excels in icarian, standing dynamics and free balancing. She is a fan of unique flows and sequences and wants to help students approach their practice with creativity. She runs her own acro festival in Colombia and started a circus themed Burning Man camp.

John has been a teacher of movement for over 10 years when he started as a fitness coach. His roots began in powerlifting and evolved into many different movement practices over the years including snowboarding, aerial straps, rock climbing, and hand balancing. John’s biggest passion has been nerding out over partner acrobatics in all its forms. You can catch him doing all things acro – fast and flowy washing machines, icarian, whips, and dynamic standing are amongst his favorite.

Kelli Mae and Sam have been clowning, playing, and teaching together since 2006. Their combined skillset of AcroYoga, circus skills, improv, Thai massage, meditation, summer camp facilitation, and general silliness means that every class is an opportunity for deep connection and expansive joy.

You’ll learn key skills in community, remember how to talk to people, and hopefully end your session feeling a little more yourself. 

Kena is a female Icarus. She always wants to fly high and free, and is very excited to share her love of Icarian Games with the Acro world!

Loc is a seasoned instructor whose journey in mindful movement began in 2009. Recognizing the profound connection between mind, body, heart, and vitality, Loc adopts a holistic approach to his teaching philosophy. Rooted in this understanding, he embarked on his path as a martial artist, cultivating a deep appreciation for the body’s intricate mechanics and the profound impact of touch on overall well-being.
In 2017, Loc expanded his repertoire by embracing yoga as a means to integrate mindfulness with movement. Through his teachings, he empowers students to nurture a harmonious relationship between their physical bodies, mental states, emotional well-being, and vitality. Loc’s classes are not merely about mastering poses but about cultivating self-awareness, compassion, and acceptance.
In 2018, fueled by his passion for dynamic expression and connection, Loc ventured into the realm of AcroYoga. With its emphasis on trust, communication, and play, AcroYoga perfectly complements Loc’s holistic approach to teaching. Through this practice, he encourages students to explore their edges, build resilience, and cultivate a deeper sense of connection with themselves and others.
Loc’s teachings embody a holistic perspective, weaving together the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects of each individual. Whether facilitating a Thai yoga massage session, guiding a yoga class, or leading an AcroYoga workshop, Loc’s aim remains consistent: to empower his students to embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and holistic well-being.

Luka Ruzic has been hooked on Acro since he first tried it in 2015. He enjoys constantly refining skills, occasionally reaching for the next ones, always finding new ranges of motion to work on, and, most of all, taking a long time to warm up and calibrate. 

Currently based in Seattle, Luka enjoys supporting fellow travelers on the road to solid basing and particularly delights in discovering effective progressions and cues.

Bio coming soon…

AcroMash, the dynamic duo from Portland OR, have been teaching together since 2019.  Matt & Ash’s classes are full of games, laughs, and nerdiness. Specializing in Icarian, whip-pops, and creative washing machines, they love to make acro approachable. When not performing with Tempos Contemporary Circus, they can be found enjoying the Pacific Northwest, cooking big meals for family + friends, or relaxing with a good puzzle.

Sam Courts is a Seattle based acrobat and teacher with a love for finding new challenges in the practice and nerding out about the details. She started acro in 2014 and now teaches and practices across a broad range of acro styles as both a base and flyer, though she has a particular fondness for free balances, puzzley transitions, and strong-flyer skills. Sam is thrilled to be returning to the NW AcroYoga Camp-out for her seventh time this summer.

Shelly Zeiser (she/her) has been practicing acro since 2016 and taught at festivals in the U.S. and abroad. She loves all aspects of acro including l-base, whips, pops, dance lifts and standing skills. She focuses on co-creating fun environments highlighting safe spotting with intentional scaffolding in her teaching practices. 


More action shots of the teachers....

Jason & Chelsey
Sam & Raquel
Hobs & Kena
Matt & Ash
Jacob & Alexandra
Chelsey Magness
Sam & Luka
Jenae & John
Jenae & John
Sam & Luka
Deven & Dan
James & Shelly

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