The following teachers will be offering workshops at the Mosier event:


Brian Meyer (Portland, OR)
Brian manages Om Movement Studio - Portland's longest standing acro haunt - where he has been facilitating acrobatic arts for almost a decade. Though he has gravitated in recent years towards other forms of circus acrobatics, he has an enduring love for Acroyoga and still teaches an all-levels class every Sunday. Brian's teaching emphasizes strong foundations, creating ease and efficiency through timing, and, keeping things light and humorous whenever possible.
Rachel Plies (Portland, OR)

Rachel Plies is a warm, welcoming and energetic teacher. She loves helping students build strength and awareness of their bodies. Being a yoga teacher and Integrated Movement Therapist encourages her to explore the mind/body/heart connection with her students. Her classes focus on strong flyer moves interwoven with dynamic movement. She loves anything Acro related including Thai massage and standing acrobatics. She performs with Tempos Contemporary Circus in Portland, OR.

Lindsi Kay (Bend, OR)

You can usually find Lindsi upside down! Whether on the earth or in the air, it’s hard for Lindsi to keep her feet on the ground. She is unapologetically passionate…an outspoken, energetic, multi-tasking movement artist who currently specializes in a mixture of yoga, acrobatics, and dance.

Buddy Thomas (Bend, OR)

Buddy discovered his passion for slacklining in 2013, when he first met the Yogaslackers. Since then he has become a Yogaslacker himself and spent hundreds of hours training and learning how to share his love of slacklining with others. Buddy specializes in slackline yoga and AcroYoga, in addition to other circus arts such as stilt-walking and poi.

Jacob Brown (Eugene, OR)

Jacob got into gymnastics when he was sixteen and ended up teaching for ten years.  In 2010 a friend introduced him to acro and he fell in love right away.  Jacob is known for making dozens of washing machines and for putting hundreds of videos on his YouTube channel.

In 2014 Jacob became a certified Acro Revolution Teacher and in 2017 he helped teach the 7th Acro Revolution Training.  Jacob and Debbie have been doing acro for five years and taught all over the world, from Divine Play, to South America, to the Israeli Acro Convention.

Debbie Collis (Eugene, OR)

Debbie Collis started taking gymnastics when she was a kid.  Thanks to her training in her youth, she has the strength, balance, and poise to make partner acrobatics very beautiful.  Debbie loves the connection and flow she can find with a partner while flowing in complex acrobatic movements.  Students say that Debbie has a good eye for form and a talent for teaching.  She has loves practicing and she has made many of her own new washing machines.  In 2017 Debbie became a certified Acro Revolution Teacher

Hobs (Portland, OR)

Hobs is definitely one of the most playful and friendly Acro monkeys you will ever meet!  His love for all things Acro is delightfully infectious and irresistible. He is a charismatic and compassionate Acro teacher with a clear voice, and a giving and caring approach to students. His commitment and dedication to the practice is obvious in his excellent technical skills, intelligent progressions, and clear demonstrations.

Sarah Yovovich (Los Angeles,CA)

Originally a gymnast and coach, for the last 10 years Sarah Yovovich has been teaching Thai massage, handstands, and AcroYoga as ways to heal through play. She likes her acrobatics soft and her therapeutics acrobatic, and believes world peace would manifest if everyone practiced Thai massage! Chinese Medicine's 5 Element Theory shows up in all of her offerings, illuminating connections between nature and our internal experiences.


Angela Bryant (Portland, OR)
Kraig Mead (Portland, OR)

Angela Bryant and Kraig Mead are Portland-based dancers, acrobats, and choreographers.  Angela is a performer and coach for both A-WOL Dance Collective and Tempos Contemporary Circus.  Kraig is the art director and head coach of Tempos Contemporary Circus. They both come from the tradition of collaborative and ensemble show development. 

Their approach to choreography centers around the dancers' or acrobats’ strengths and what the individual can bring alive in their own body. They love embedding physical theater into their choreography, bringing character and story into each dance. Kraig and Angela are best known for transforming partner acrobatics into beautifully choreographed dance.

Miyoko Rifkin (Los Angeles, CA)

Miyoko is a certified yoga instructor and taught pole dancing and movement arts for over 15 years.  Her love of AcroYoga and partner acrobatics exploded when she realized she could do things she never dreamed of even with no gymnastics background.  She is passionate about sharing this joy and AcroYoga with others.  As both a base and flyer, she is able to effectively teach skills and transitions with an understanding and how to create more grace and ease.  She looks forward to helping others expand their beliefs about what is possible.

James Ta Dao (Portland, OR)

James “Ta-Dao!” Sitzer is a stalwart of the Portland AcroYoga Community. As the originator of Portland’s AcroLab he’s created dozens of acro machines and poses for Acropedia. He’s performed and taught at Whistler Wanderlust, Michael Franti’s Soulshine Tour, the AcroYoga Unity and Divine Play Festivals, and previous NW AcroYoga Campouts.

Lux (Seattle, WA)
Eric Blood (Los Angeles, CA)