Below you will find a list of Oregon teachers who will be leading workshops at the Mosier event. Each brings a unique perspective, incredible talent, and a lot of personality to the experience.

Jason and Chelsey Magness (Bend)
Chelsey and Jason have over 30 years of combined training under their belt.
These two world class adventure athletes, acrobats, coaches and meta learners take training and teaching very seriously.



They love to teach progressively, gently coax people outside of their comfort zones and way beyond their perceived potential.
Together the two are a force to be reckoned with.
Jason will talk you off the ledge and Chelsey will catch you with open and excited arms.
James Ta-Dao (PDX)
James “Ta-Dao!” Sitzer has been a stalwart of the Portland AcroYoga Community since 2011. He is the founder of Portland’s AcroLab, and co-creator of the Stronger & Stranger Things series. James enjoys the PNW tradition of strong-flier, solid-base style, and continues to push the limits of advanced L-base Acro.
James has attended every AcroYoga Camp-Out since 2013 and hosted the Saturday night talent show from the beginning.
Rachel Plies (PDX)
Rachel Plies is a warm, welcoming and energetic teacher. She loves helping students build strength and awareness of their bodies. Being a yoga teacher and Integrated Movement Therapist encourages her to explore the mind/body/heart connection with her students. Her classes focus on strong flyer moves interwoven with dynamic movement. She loves anything Acro related including Thai massage and standing acrobatics. She performs with Tempos Contemporary Circus in Portland, OR.
Angela Bryant (PDX)
Angela Bryant and Kraig Mead are Portland-based dancers, acrobats, and choreographers. Angela is a performer and coach for both A-WOL Dance Collective and Tempos Contemporary Circus. Kraig is the art director and head coach of Tempos Contemporary Circus. They both come from the tradition of collaborative and ensemble show development.
Kraig Mead (PDX)
Their approach to choreography centers around the dancers' or acrobats’ strengths and what the individual can bring alive in their own body. They love embedding physical theater into their choreography, bringing character and story into each dance. Kraig and Angela are best known for transforming partner acrobatics into a beautifully choreographed dance.
Jacob Handwerker (PDX)
Jacob has been sharing his passion for AcroYoga and Acrobatics with people since 2007. His teaching will leave you feeling confident and safe, while exploring new ways of moving. Jacob enjoys working with students at all levels to help them experience things they never imagined possible. 
Jacob also teaches Ashtanga yoga and loves to bring a more yogic and mindful approach to acrobatics.   
Aaron Lind
Aaron Lind has offered uplifting, educational, and empowering acro experiences consistently for over 11 years.  Aaron’s teaching philosophy is that through progressive training and attention to detail at a fundamental level, challenging skills become accessible, aesthetic, efficient, safer, and more fun!
Aaron’s mission in structuring events is to offer a balance of discipline and play. He strives to teach progressive, analytical, and method-based teaching with playful, fun, and lighthearted activities and themes.
Ian LeMasters (PDX)
Ian and Paul are the dynamic teaching duo know as IP-Acro: Pacific Northwest Premium IPA.
Ian LeMasters discovered AcroYoga in 2012 while working in Latin America as an archaeologist. Originally from Texas, he now lives in Portland, Oregon and offers a full schedule for yoga, AcroYoga, and hand-balancing classes. Ian particularly enjoys creative L-basing flows and same size flyer/base combinations. In addition to teaching, Ian is completing an LMT licensing with an emphasis on structural, neuromuscular and Thai massage practices.
Paul Hogen (PDX)
Together Ian and Paul teach fun and dynamic L-Basing sequences with an emphasis on same-size material. They especially enjoy exploring the art of pouring weight and dual balance, so that everyone can experience both roles: basing and flying.
Paul is also a transplant from Texas and brings his friendly Southern charm to class. He teaches regularly in PDX and offers both acrobatic and therapeutic classes. If you’re ready to start exploring this fun and empowering practice, join a workshop with Ian & Paul.
Susan Holland-Towey (Bend, OR)
Susan Holland-Towey loves being upside down and her passion for life is infectious to all.  As an AcroYoga teacher, youth rock climbing coach, and outdoor lover, she encourages people to be in nature everyday and do something awesome.   Susan believes that wellness isn’t an endpoint, but rather a path which continually evolves.