Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Can I come to the camp-out alone?

YES.   This community is very supportive and you will make new friends quickly.


2.  Is the Camp-Out Beginner friendly?

YES.   During all the workshop blocks we always have a beginner (all levels) class.   You will have plenty of support as you begin your AcroYoga journey.


3.   I have never done Yoga, is that okay?



4.   Is there wifi?

No.  Some cell phones get reception at the venue.   If you really need connection you can walk up the driveway and get good cell coverage at the top of the hill.


5.  Will I have acces to my car during the event?

YES.  All cars will be parked within walking distance of the camping area.


6.  Will there be enough food for all the hungry acrobats?

YES.   We have an amazing team of ladies from Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center cooking for us in both Oregon and Washington.  They serve delicious wholesome vegetarian meals and plenty of it.   You are welcome to bring snacks of your own but please do not use cook stoves anywhere on the land.  FIRE Hazard.


7.  What do I need to bring?    A desire to train and play a lot!

You are also responsible for your own camping gear and eating utensils.

Camping Gear: Tent, ground tarp, Flashlight or headlamp, sleeping bag, sleeping pads, pillow, towels, earplugs.  Be sure to bring warm layers and rain gear just in case.

Eating Utensils:  Bring you own plate, bowl, mug, utensils, and water bottle.  You will be responsible for washing during the event.

Other Items: Warm layers for evening, Yoga mat, Picnic Blanket, Costumes, Thai Massage mats, Musical Instruments, Towels & Bathing suit, Extra snacks you can’t be without / Chocolate 


This event is also Carry-In and Carry-Out.   My goal is to produce as little trash as possible and you can make that happen.  Please help us minimize waste by not bringing throw away items.



Don't forget your tent.