2020 Thursday Intensives

Time 3:30 to 6:30 PM

Thursday July 30, 2020

If you did not select an intensive when you purchased your ticket no problem.  You can email acroyogacampout@gmail.com to sign up or choose an option on arrival and pay cash.   If you join a Thursday Intensive you can arrive beginning at 1PM.   This way you can pick out your favorite camping spot early.  There is a $40 extra fee for these intensives.
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Muscular Recovery aka “Guided Thai Massage”

Therapeutic Intensive with Susan Holland Towey (All Levels)

Muscular recovery is essential to sports performance and it feels super awesome.  Susan Towey is a fitness instructor specializing in muscular endurance and muscular recovery.  If you want to train hard you have to recover hard. Let’s throw some elbows and get your body ready for a weekend of Acro!  No partner or experience necessary.  All levels welcome.

Icarian Games (Acrobatic Intensive) with Aaron Lind

Don’t miss this fun and challenging three hour Icarian intensive. Aaron will cover technique and timing elements to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. You will train a variety of skills that can be combined into tempo sequencing.

More will be offered to those that have significant experience!

Pre-reqs: Front Plank toss to Icarian Throne, Icarian Throne toss to Front Plank

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“Fun-da-mentals” Beginner Intensive with Jacob Handwerker

If you’re new to AcroYoga, or want to refine your skills this is the perfect way to start your weekend.  We will go over foundational elements so you can dive into the camp-out feeling more confident and safe.  By exploring both the acrobatic and therapeutic sides you will get a full experience of the entire practice.

Teaching new people is one of my favorite things!  Join me as we kick off the 8th NW AcroYoga Camp-Out.  ALL levels welcome.  Jacob is also the founder of the AcroYoga Camp-Outs.

Pre-reqs:  A desire to play and have fun.

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